Cognitive Hypnotherapy Works!

Ian Gammons

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works hand in hand with powerful NLP techniques and can help in many areas of life and particularly those difficult situations where we recognise it would be so useful to feel, think or behave differently, if only we could.

Whether you'd like to be rid of that phobia once and for all, heal long term personal grief, communicate more effectively in personal or work relationships, improve your sports performance or something else altogether, you can be sure you will receive confidential help, tailored around you as an individual. Because after all, what's troubling you is probably very personal to you, so shouldn't the best solution be personal too?

Please, read through this site and consider whether the thoughts and ideas expressed relate to your own experience. If they do and you would like to know more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help with your particular situation then please contact me. There is no obligation and no charge until we've agreed to work together.

If you've ever wondered if hypnotherapy could help, there's a good chance that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can.